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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Whenever a professional is considering making a CSE enquiry on behalf of the young person, they should discuss this with the Safeguarding designated officer in their agency first to decide if an enquiry would be an appropriate response. If professionals need further advice on the relevance of indicators or whether to make an enquiry about a young person, the MASH team can provide consultation.

All CSE enquires must be passed to the MASH team. This is to ensure that all information about the young person, their associates and possible perpetrators can be shared within the MASH leading to a full picture of the level of involvement in CSE and risks to the young person being obtained in a timely manner: The Multi-Agency Guidance, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

For more practice guidance please see: Child Sexual Exploitation

Risk Assessment Tools

IMPORTANT: Please note that risk assessment tools should be used to inform rather than determine professional decision making.

Further Information

Jersey Safeguarding Partnership Board website - Child Sexual Exploitation

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Amendments to this Chapter

This chapter was updated in March 2017, an updated version of the Multi Agency Guidance, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) was added.