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Escalation of Concerns Where the Child has an Allocated Social Worker

Multi-Agency Working Practices: Police notification to the PPU and MASH Detective Sergeant when there is an allocated social worker

It should be noted that the below findings relate to cases where there is already an allocated Social Worker. New cases or cases where there is no allocated Social Worker (SW) are managed effectively through the MASH.

  • Any young person who comes to the attention of the police on more than three occasions which results in a Child Protection Notification (CPN) being created will immediately have their details flagged to the PPU and MASH Detective Sergeant (DS). This flag will be in the form of an e-mail. The DS will then ensure a line of communication is created between the police and the allocated Social Worker;
  • Communication between agencies is crucial and once the initial discussion has taken place a Strategy Meeting will be called to discuss how the individual is to be managed and safeguarded. It is expected that all Strategy Meetings will take place within three working days. This meeting should be chaired by a team manager, preferably the team manager of the allocated social worker. An agency that cannot attend a Strategy Meeting would be expected to send a report detailing the information that their agency holds to the Chair of the Strategy Meeting;
  • E-mails from the SOJP to the allocated Social Worker which include CPN attachment will also ‘copy in’ the Social Worker’s Manager, this will ensure that important information is not sitting, un-actioned, in an inbox because the Social Worker is not in the office. Agencies need to accept responsibility for their information and ensure that they follow up on what they have sent.

Amendments to this Chapter

In March 2017, this chapter (previously entitled Child Protection Notifications from the Police to MASH and PPU) was extensively updated and should be read throughout.