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Safeguarding Young People in the Workplace

For adults working with young people, particularly those below the age of sixteen, it is important to be aware of potentially difficult situations. By following the simple guidance outlined below, it should be possible to ensure that the workplace is a secure and productive environment for both the provider and young person.

  1. Touch - There may be occasions when you need to touch a young person (e.g. If you are guiding them in carrying out a technical operation); these should be kept to a minimum and only used when necessary;
  2. Behaviour - Whilst it is important to reassure a young person who may be nervous in a new placement and reliant on your guidance, it is important not to be over-familiar. Never permit ‘horseplay’ which may cause embarrassment or fear;
  3. Environment - Where possible, staff should not be on their own in an isolated or closed environment with a young person;
  4. Disclosure - If you are concerned by anything the young person may disclose to you, or a member of your staff in terms of child protection, please telephone MASH at Children’s Service for advice on 443500.

If the young person discloses an allegation against anyone in the workplace, please contact your line manager or designated Child Protection Team for advice prior to speaking to anyone else.